How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

The capacity to construct structures is, without a doubt, what distinguishes amateurs from pros. For as long as your abilities in this area are insufficient, you will be unable to adequately protect yourself or attack the adversary. In order to master how to construct in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, you must first understand what to build, when to build it, and how to build it. So let’s get down to business.

Control Modes – How To Build In Fortnite On The Switch

We strongly suggest that you start using Old School control mode until you have learned the fundamentals. This will allow you to get familiar with the controls. When you have gained sufficient confidence, you should upgrade to Builder Pro. Builder Pro will enable you to construct structures swiftly while simultaneously controlling and using weaponry.

If you want to change the control mode, first press + on your joy con to bring up the options menu, then pick the cog icon, then use the L and R buttons to highlight Controller. Finally, you may choose the preferred control mode and then hit the X key to make the change permanent.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Mining Materials

With your pick axe, you can cut practically everything you see in Fortnite into pieces that can be used as construction material. For example, the trees and cottages will provide wood for the fire. The same is true for breaking into buildings and automobiles, which will provide you with more durable resources like brick and metal. It goes without saying that brick and metal construction are preferred.

Five different buildings may be constructed with these resources. They are made up of walls, floors, and stairwells. rooftops and catch-alls (traps are obtained by looting).

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Old School

During the course of the game, hitting A will bring up the Build mode. By pressing L, you may cycle among the various building constructions, rotate its position by pressing R, and then use the right joystick to choose the optimum location to put it in the game. Finally, by using the ZR key, you may put the construction. (See the picture below for more information.)

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Builder Pro

Once you have mastered the fundamentals and understand how to construct structures in Fortnite on the Switch, you should go to Builder Pro. The biggest benefit of using builder pro is the speed at which you may construct your structures. When constructing a structure in the face of a fire, this is the most critical consideration.

During the course of the game, hitting A will bring up the Build mode. There is no way to cycle between the various construction components. Each item has a button that corresponds to it:

  • Wall – ZR – Tap to Select, Tap to Place
  • Floor – R – Tap to Select, Tap to Place
  • Stair – ZL – Tap to Select, Tap to Place
  • Roof – L – Tap to Select, Tap to Place
  • Trap – Y – Tap to Select, Tap to Place

Tapping on the right joystick to rotate the position of a piece will also allow you to identify the optimum location to put the piece. Finally, you may position the component by clicking on one of the buttons in the preceding list.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

The 4 Basic Structures – How To Build In Fortnite on the Switch

Understand the fundamental building structures in Fortnite on the Switch if you want to learn how to construct buildings in Fortnite on the PC or console. Ramps, sniper towers, bounce pads, and lastly traps are without a doubt the four most essential buildings on the battlefield.


Indeed, if Obiwan taught us anything, it was that the higher ground is always the better position to be in. These ramps, although only temporary, can serve as a kind of protection since you may lurk beneath their summits.

In order to construct a ramp, you must first construct a set of steps, then a floor underneath the stairs, and finally a wall to complete the triangular configuration. Finally, you may leap up the first step and then repeat the process on the next stair.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Sniper Towers

The key to success in Fortnite on the Switch isn’t only understanding how to construct; it’s also knowing what and where you should build. A sniper tower is the most basic kind of fortification. They may be built upon, enlarged upon, even booby trapped, but the underlying concept remains the same throughout. Because if the base of the tower is destroyed, you would perish, it is imperative that you construct the tower, or at least its foundation, out of metal in order to prevent your opponents from destabilising the structure. The V-shaped ramps that cap the tower are the distinguishing feature, since they enable you to shoot opponents from all angles.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

If you want to construct a sniper tower, you must first surround yourself with four basic walls. Then, inside the tower, construct a stairway that will enable you to go to the next level. Repeat the process until you are pleased with the height you have achieved. Finally, construct a V-shaped ramp to reach the top of the structure.

When you have completed your first basic sniper tower, consider adding some of the following features to give yourself an advantage:

Bounce Pad

A platform with a launch pad near to or in the middle of your sniping position at the top of your tower should be considered. If your adversary is gaining ground on you, this is your escape route. It will propel you into the air, from which point you will be able to release your glider and flee. It is necessary to place a launch pad on top of a floor piece.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch


You now understand the fundamentals of Fortnite and how to construct structures in the game. The next stage is to develop a plan. Your adversaries will make an attempt to demolish or obtain access to the sniper tower. Create an entrance at the foot of the tower and booby trap the ground level to prevent this from happening. When your adversary enters the tower to attempt to mount it, they will be greeted with open arms.

In order to construct a door at the base of your tower, you must first complete the following steps. Build your initial wall at the base of your tower to protect it. Before you place it, press A to make any necessary changes. You will see that the wall has been divided into nine tiles. Deselect the tile in the centre of the screen (make sure the symbol of the wall in brackets is on the tile then press zr). Deselect the tile just below the centre one. Once the wall is in place, you will have a doorway in the middle of the room.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Set up the trap on the floor, ceiling, or wall of your tower, just in front of the entrance door. It will be the launchpad that will serve as your departure from the tower, or you may construct a wooden structure on one of the lower level walls and burst out above ground level.

Start climbing your tower or establish an other access point that you may close after the fact before putting the trap in place before placing the trap.

How To Build in Fortnite on The Switch

Video Guide


Let’s sum everything up. In order to go further, you must first master the fundamental controls and advance to utilising builder pro mode. Once you have accomplished this, you must get acquainted with the four basic structures: ramps (bounce pads), traps (trap doors), and sniper towers (sniper towers). Your primary emphasis should be on the speed with which you can construct ramps and the durability with which you can construct them. As long as you master the steps outlined above, you will be well on your way to being an expert in Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch.

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