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Finally, HBO Max is out, but it has generated more questions than it has addressed. The lack of compatibility for major media streaming devices seems to be the most significant shortcoming, but fortunately, we have already discovered a method to install HBO Max on Fire Stick. Despite the fact that Hulu is supported by HBO Max, getting it to operate is not as simple as you would hope. Here is how to watch HBO Max on Hulu using a web browser.

What is HBO Max

HBO Max is the latest premium subscription streaming service brought to us by Warner Media, owned by AT&T. HBO Max will work in congruence with the company’s other streaming services, namely HBO Go and HBO Now, but the latter may soon disappear now.

HBO Max is only accessible in the United States, but if you want to watch it from anywhere else in the world, you can do so by connecting to a VPN. It is, however, difficult to subscribe to HBO Max directly since they only take credit cards issued by US-based financial institutions.

Is HBO Max available on Hulu?

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

Yes. It is, however, a difficult task. You will not be able to access HBO Max content straight from your Hulu app. Instead, in order to access HBO Max content, you will need to download and utilise the HBO Max app in conjunction with your Hulu credentials.

We like the fact that you can create a new HBO Max account using your Hulu credentials, so that if you ever need to share HBO Max credentials, you don’t have to share your Hulu login information with others as well.

How much does HBO Max cost with Hulu?

HBO Max has debuted with a monthly subscription fee of $14.99, which places it slightly above video streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it is priced similarly to its sibling standalone streaming service HBO Now, allowing it to compete on pricing.

The add-on is not tied to any specific Hulu plan, and it may even be used with the Base plan (which costs $4.99 per month) if desired. Hulu members who currently have an HBO add-on, or who sign up for one before May 27, 2020, will be eligible for a free upgrade to HBO Max! On their phone, the HBO Now app will be withdrawn in favour of the HBO Max app, which will also be uninstalled.

How to add HBO Max add-on to Hulu?

As is common with Hulu’s premium channels such as Showtime, HBO, Starz, and others, HBO Max will be made accessible on the streaming service in a ‘add-on’ arrangement. How to subscribe to HBO Max on Hulu is shown below.

  • Find ‘MANAGE ADD-ONs’ and click on it.
How to Add HBO Max to Hulu
Then go to the Premium Add-Ons area, and click the Plus button next to the HBO Max add-on to activate it. The addition of the add-on will be shown by the appearance of a check mark next to it, suggesting that it has been successfully added to your subscription plan.
How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

In the bottom right corner, click on the Review Changes button to see the changes. Pay particular attention to the changes to your account, as well as the section on anticipated charges. When you’re finished, click the SUBMIT button to confirm the modifications and finish the process of adding the HBO Max subscription to your Hulu account.

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

How to access HBO Max via Hulu

You’ll need to establish a new HBO Max account using your Hulu login information right now. This is only needed once and will not be repeated. Once this is completed, you may use the credentials associated with your new HBO Max account to access the HBO Max content using their own app or the web.

For more information on creating an HBO Max account, go to, click ‘Sign Inin the upper right corner, pick ‘SIGN IN THROUGH TV OR MOBILE PROVIDER’, and then select Hulu.

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

Fill out the form with your Hulu credentials. If you are already connected into Hulu via your browser, you will not be prompted to enter your Hulu login credentials. You will be brought straight to the page where you can register a new account.

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

Provide your details for creating a new account, like First name, Last name, and Email Address. Use a different address than your Hulu email address to avoid any issues. Check out this link to get help on which account to use. Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ when done.

How to Add HBO Max to Hulu

The creation of your account will occur, and HULU will appear as your service provider under the Billed Through’ header, as illustrated in the picture above.

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