How to Access PS4 Hard Drive on PC Guide

Interested in accessing the information stored on your PS4 hard drive from your PC? If this is the case, you are in luck! In this detailed tutorial, we’ll teach you just how to go about doing so. A few tools and some technical expertise will be required, but don’t worry, we will take you through each and every step of the process. If you want to backup your data or just have a peek at it, simply follow our instructions and you’ll be able to do so in no time!

How to access PS4 hard drive on pc ?

In the case of using an external hard drive on a PlayStation 4, can this hard drive be used on a computer as well? And what need be done in order to access the PS4 hard disc that has been placed on the computer. We will provide you with all of your answers in this regard. As a result, in this post, we will show you how to access the hard disc of your PlayStation 4 on your computer.

How to access PS4 hard drive on PC ?

The hard drive may still be utilised on the computer as long as the hard disc is the same and the interface is the same as it was originally. Feel free to utilise this essence since it will not alter over time.

As soon as you connect it in, enter “Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Drive Management” and choose “Format” when you see the mobile hard disc. The computer is capable of copying the games stored on an external hard drive to another hard disc as well. This is a fully viable option.

To begin, connect the PlayStation 4 to a computer and transfer the data to other hard drives. In order to install games on the PS4 equipped with a genuine system, a mobile hard drive cannot be used as an extension disc, and the digital version of the game must be downloaded to the system’s built-in hard disc.

How to Access PS4 Hard Drive on PC Guide

How to use PS4 external hard drive ?

First and foremost, everyone should pay close attention to the state of their external hard drives, since not all external hard drives are capable of supporting PS4 connectivity and connectivity.

First and foremost, PS4 supports hard drives with capacities of up to 8TB, so the addition of an external hard drive is not required. However, if you want to assure a specific transfer speed, the external hard drive should preferable support USB 3.0 or higher connections.

Step 1: In the first place, everyone should update their PlayStation 4 to version 4.50, and calculate the speed of the 100Mb fixed-line broadband at the author’s workplace. The update process may be finished in less than half an hour, and the waiting period is not too lengthy.

Step 02: Use a USB 3.0 or higher format USB cable to connect the certified hard drive to the PS4.

Step 03: Select Settings -> Peripherals -> USB storage device from the drop-down menu. After establishing a successful connection, you will be able to see the essential data on the external hard drive; however, it will need to be formatted before it can be utilized. Select “Format as Extended Storage Space” from the drop-down menu.

Step 04: Using the storage space interface, when the formatting is complete, you will see that in addition to the system storage space, there is also an extension storage space underneath it, which contains your external hard drive.

In order to transfer the game data to the external hard drive, go to the storage space -> host storage space -> apps menu, and then click the custom-made “Option” button, and then pick “move to expansion storage space” from the drop-down menu. After that, choose the game you want to relocate, and then click “Move” and “OK.” What everyone should keep in mind is that only games and apps may be kept on an external hard drive; game saves, on the other hand, will remain in the host storage space and will not be able to be transferred.

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Can I copy other things with the external hard drive for ps4 ?

The use of a mobile hard drive as an expansion disc to install games on a PlayStation 4 equipped with a genuine system is not supported, and the digital version of the game must be downloaded to the internal hard drive before it can be played.

Can you change the hard disk that comes with the ps4 to an external hard disk ?

First of all, it has no effect on the look, and second, the USB can’t be unplugged and inserted again. So don’t chastise those that replace the hard drive. There are several advantages to using a portable hard disc. What’s wrong with this? A new SSD or hybrid disc has been installed. Sony’s original Hitachi has a cracked plate, and the external hard disc must be installed, which is the same as adding an external hard disc. Two of the cameras are older and slower than the rest. The external hard drive and the external hard drive box must still be purchased by the user. Sony may be the only source for this. Bears will attack if you remain silent. When you play the game, your youngster is exposed to the issue of the interface. Top the body with a box. Regardless of how you look at it, it’s a mess. Changing the hard drive by yourself, in my opinion, is an easy and secure procedure.

I changed the hard drive for PS4, can the replaced hard drive be plugged back in without formatting ?

Everything is OK as long as your current system is working. You may make use of each and every disc available to you. Set up and utilise a computer. As it turns out, installing a system on each hard drive is the most efficient approach to run many operating systems on a single computer. Exactly what I was looking for.
If you have more than one system on a drive, you’ll need to deal with many partitions. Changing the hard disc is still a hassle for the computer, even after plugging in the desired hard drive.

Can PS4 use a USB external hard drive now ?

Little, only the PS4’s internal hard drive may be swapped, and because the PS4 seems to be usb3.0, the external hard drive is of no consequence.
Changing to 2TB is advised, but if that isn’t enough, you may remove the game and reinstall it when you’re ready to play again.

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