How do I create a drop down menu in Mac Numbers

1. Create a drop down menu with a few items in Mac Numbers

No need to hunt for a sophisticated solution if you are confident in your ability to comfortably enter all of the things in your drop down menu. This is accomplished via the use of the pop-up menu structure provided by Mac Numbers. The only thing you have to do is change the data format of the cell to “PopUp Menu.” Click on the Plus (+) button and input your next item to be added to the drop-down menu list that appears.

How do I create a drop down menu in Mac Numbers

Pop-Up Menu Data Format  

2. Create a drop down menu with a large number of items in Mac Numbers

You now need a drop-down menu containing hundreds of entries. The number of characters is too great to write them all out. Then you’ll need a far more efficient method of creating your drop-down list. Assume that you already have a list of drop-down options in a column in your Numbers sheet before you begin using this approach. The following are the measures to take:

  • Select the complete column of drop-down options from the dropdown menu.
  • The Cell tab may be accessed by clicking the Format icon, followed by the Cell tab.
  • Select Pop-Up Menu from the Data Format drop-down menu.
  • Copy a cell from the currently selected column
  • Copy and paste it into the cell where you want a drop-down menu to appear.
How do I create a drop down menu in Mac Numbers

The drawback of this strategy is that adding things to your column after altering the data format does not instantly add items to your pop-up menu, which is a useful feature for certain situations. As a result, you must click the Plus (+) button to add a new item to your shopping list.

How do I create a drop down menu in Mac Numbers

Manually add item to pop up menu

3. Create a drop down menu from a range or a column in Mac Numbers

If you are unfamiliar with Apple scripting and code, there is no way to have the drop-down menu read and update items from a range of cells or a column unless you are an expert. I’m hoping Apple will address this issue as soon as possible. The best you can do is utilise the procedure outlined above to add a significant portion of the items at the outset. Later on, you may manually add more things.

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