Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

On September 17, 2020, Supergiant launched Hades, a gorgeously designed and immensely addicting game that has become a worldwide sensation. The action roguelike was nominated for Game of the Year and has amassed over a million players worldwide. However, although there are many new players entering the Underworld with Zagreus, a large number of fans have already finished the tale and are searching for a more difficult task.

Fortunately, Hades’ unique “Heat” system, which enables players to adjust the difficulty of each run as they see fit, will take care of the issue for them. As the runs get more difficult, players will want the strongest gear in order to defeat the infinite shadows and difficult monsters. There are a plethora of feasible builds, and roguelikes thrive on the exploration of new possibilities. However, there are a few builds that stand out as the finest options for the most difficult runs.

Prerequisites For These Builds

Every weapon in Hades has a basic design and numerous unlocked versions that may be obtained by levelling up. Players that are ahead in the game will get access to all of these varieties, as well as a completely improved mirror, as well as the majority of the game’s mementos and collectibles. All of these loadouts are contingent on the fulfilment of these requirements.

Hera’s Bow (Athena/Aphrodite Build)

For zoning out foes while also keeping Zagreus out of harm’s path, the bow is an excellent weapon. The Aspect of Hera transforms the bow into a DPS powerhouse that, when combined with the appropriate build, may carry players to victory.

The casts of Zagreus serve as the foundation for this construction. Using Hera’s bow, the player may load the cast into the following shot, delivering both the damage of the bow and the effect of the spell in the process. Despite the fact that several of the casts are suitable for this build, Athena’s Phalanx Shot cast is a safe bet.

Best Boons

Parting Shot is an important boon, therefore players should build around Athena and Aphrodite. The same damage multiplier from a backstab is applied to each cast with this Athena/Aphrodite boon! As long as the player continues loading spells into the bow, foes will continue to take enormous damage. It is important to remember that this is a fairly aggressive construct and that players will have to push forward in order to reclaim lost spells.

Poseidon boons may help if you’re having trouble receiving casts back from your unique bow. To top it all off, if the player happens to run across Artemis, she has a boon called Fully Loaded that is perfect for this setup.

The Glass Tank Build (Shield, Aspect of Beowulf)

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

The shield was formerly considered the finest weapon in the whole game. The shield was the only weapon that provided the same level of protection while still being able to do damage as the sword. Despite its recent nerfs, the shield may still be an effective weapon in the proper hands. Players will employ the Aspect of Beowulf, the ultimate shield aspect that may be unlocked. Although using this shield will result in a 10% increase in damage, the benefits are generally more than enough to make up for this risk.

This construct, like Hera’s Bow, has a powerful cast at its core. With the shield’s Dragon Rush ability, players will be rushing towards danger and piling their spells into the rush.

Best Boons & Upgrades

Luckily, there is a lot of freedom with the boons in this build. The best deities to build around include:

  • Zeus
  • Poseidon
  • Dionysus
  • Athena
  • Artemis
  • Aphrodite

In order to maximise your efforts, it’s preferable to focus on no more than two deities at a time.) Even though Athena’s dash boon hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s still one of the greatest in the game. With Artemis, Dionysus’ Hangover and Splitting Headache, it’s an excellent combination.

The Daedalus Hammer improvements are critical to this build’s success. In order to get the most of their unique abilities with this set-up, players should try to get the following upgrades:

  • Sudden Rush
  • Breaching Rush
  • Ferocious Guard
  • Unyielding Defense

The Guan Yu Spear

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

Since the game’s official release, the Guan Yu spear has been a hot subject of conversation among the Hades community. Incredibly divisive: Some players claim it’s the worst weapon, while others say it’s the finest weapon. However, even at its current level of potency, Guan Yu may be greatly enhanced. Zagreus’ total life and life gain are reduced by 70% at level 1 if this item is used. This debuff is reduced to a measly 50% by the time you reach max level.

Despite these flaws, there are a few things to like about the weapon. Using the “Frost Fair Blade” move set, Guan Yu provides the spear a fantastic spin attack version and a new special. Spears are normally thrown and retrieved by pressing the special attack button twice. However, Guan Yu pierces and bursts in midair, resulting in considerably greater damage. Using the spin attack, Zagreus receives a one-hundredth of a point of healing every hit. Guan Yu relies heavily on these two movements.

Best Boons & Upgrades

The best boons for Guan Yu are endlessly debated, but common gods to build around include:

  • Dionysus
  • Athena
  • Aphrodite
  • Poseidon

Typically, players mix a defensive god (Athena or Aphrodite) with a more attacking deity (such as Zeus or Poseidon) to form a powerful combination (Dionysus or Poseidon). For Guan Yu, Aphrodite and Dionysus are excellent choices, but as with many of these setups, player preference takes precedence.

Players should also prioritize getting a few Daedalus Hammer upgrades. The critical ones are:

  • Quick Spin
  • Winged Serpent
  • Massive Spin

The Spear of 1000 Cuts (Aspect of Hades)

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

Hades is revealed to be Zagreus’ archenemy. The Aspect of Hades, the spear his father used in battle, is now in the hands of Zagreus. This spear construct, in contrast to many others, isn’t necessarily considered meta. It is, however, a lot of fun to mess around with, like many other builds that players like. Players who don’t like getting their hands dirty may not love this construction.

Best Boons & Upgrades

Ares and his blade rifts are the centrepiece of this construct. Even while Ares isn’t often regarded a meta character, he’s certainly enjoyable to mess around with and the sound of his blade rifts cutting will never get old. As a result, players will seek out and build up Ares’ dash and cast to the greatest extent feasible. With additional Ares boons, they can do this.

  • Black Metal
  • Engulfing Vortex
  • Vicious Cycle
  • Artemis duo boon Hunting Blades

Demeter boons may be used to slow down enemies, but bear in mind that the Ares/Demeter pair boon directly nerfs this build!

  • Quick Spin
  • Massive Spin
  • Flaring Spin

The goal of this build is to clear rooms rapidly by slicing through hordes. Once you’ve got as many blade rifts out as possible, use the Hades’ spear and the spin attack to wreak havoc.

Slugger Sword Build (Aspect of Arthur)

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

You’re sick and tired of the cast-based builds that need precise movement and frenetic dodging? Want to do a lot of harm in a short period of time? Look no farther than the critical strike build for the Aspect of Arthur. This build, which has been around for a while, transforms Zagreus into a slow-moving slugger.

As a result of Arthur’s Aspect, the sword is transformed into a “greatsword,” although a slow-moving one, capable of devastating damage. A reduction in movement speed may deter many gamers, but Arthur’s sword can be made to seem like a one-hit killing machine with the proper customization.

Best Boons & Upgrades

Many players choose to go with an Artemis dedication build that focuses on maximising crit power. Because the sword travels so slowly, stacking builds (Dionysus, Aphrodite, Ares) won’t perform as effectively as they should. Since gods that effect damage or opponent movement speed should be used, gamers should cling to them. Even though Demeter and Artemis are excellent choices, the mainstream build is all on making your sword so powerful that every swing will bury enemies six feet into the ground.

  • Deadly Strike
  • Pressure Points
  • Hide Breaker
  • Clean Kill
  • Hunter’s Mark

There are a few excellent Hammer enhancements, such as Breaching Slash and Arthur’s special upgrade, Greater Consecration. If no other options are available, Double-Edge and Hoarding Slash are both respectable enhancements.

Lightning Fast Punches (Twin Fists, Aspect of Talos)

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

The Twin Fist build aims to let the player follow Muhammed Ali’s advise to “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in combat. “You can’t strike what you can’t see with your hands.” A lot of suffering is inflicted on the shades who are attempting to keep Zagreus under control.

Best Boons & Upgrades

The Twin Fist construction was inspired by Muhammad Ali’s instruction to fighters: “Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. It’s impossible for your hands to strike something that your eyes aren’t seeing. A lot of anguish is inflicted on the shadows that are attempting to keep Zagreus down.

  • Lightning Strike
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Storm Lightning
  • High Voltage, Static Discharge
  • Splitting Bolt
  • Festive Fog
  • Scintillating Feast
  • Cold Fusion
  • Thunder Flourish

Breaching Cross and Explosive Upper are good Hammer upgrades to round out this electric display of lightning and ice.

The Boss Buster Sword (Aspect of Poseidon)

Hades: 7 Builds You Need To Try For Challenge Runs

Many of these builds concentrate on rapidly and efficiently eliminating large groups of foes. On his trip through the Underworld, Zagreus will encounter a number of scary bosses. This version has the potential to make the cinematic bouts a bit simpler, especially since many challenge runs increase the difficulty of the enemies.

Players will employ the Aspect of Poseidon sword, which emphasises the creation of strong casts and the frequent application of such casts. Special strikes from Poseidon’s sword dislodge casts, enabling Zagreus to rapidly retrieve his casts and return them to the enemy horde.

Best Boons & Upgrades

For greatest effectiveness, players should concentrate on the harsh debuffs of Aphrodite and Ares rather than other deities. The goal of this build is to weaken adversaries to near-death status effects before unleashing a barrage of devastating sword casts and specials on them.

Starting with Aphrodite’s cast and levelling it up with Poms is the best way for players to begin. Bosses will be simpler to handle with because to the stacks of Weak she builds up from her casting and maybe from sword assaults. In order to receive the Curse of Longing, gamers should seek out the assistance of Ares. Even without the Doom debuff, the foes will begin to fall like dominoes when paired with additional boons from Ares, such as the Doom debuff-inducing Curse of Agony and Curse of Pain.

Impending Doom and Dire Misfortune are also worthy buys. Artemis’ Fully Loaded and Exit Wounds boons should be used to fill out the boons that players have available to them.

  • Piercing Wave
  • Super Nova. This one is especially incredible for this build as it makes the special attack range wider, leading to more casts being dislodged. This in turn leads to more brutal cast damage!

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