Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

While third-party messaging applications are becoming more popular in the United States, texting is still the most common method of communicating. In spite of Google’s inclusivity, which enables users to use any messaging app of their choosing, most Android users have used or heard of Google Messages, which is the default messaging app for the platform. Samsung Messages, on the other hand, is the standard messaging software for Samsung handsets. Buying a new Galaxy phone means you’ll be using Samsung Messages in the near future. However, should you do so? As a starting point, let’s look at what the main distinctions are between the two most popular text messaging apps.

While Apple restricts users from altering the default applications on iOS, it also utilises a variety of strategies to make iOS users feel like they’re superior to those who use Android smartphones. Apple has actually acquired new customers as a result of this hostility, rather than losing them. In order to follow in Apple’s footsteps, Google has begun preferring its own applications above those offered by third parties.

Since at least 2017, Google has pushed manufacturers to make Messages their default messaging app, but the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem has kept it from achieving its goal. Some corporations have chosen Messages as the default software on their “Tier 1” phones, though, because of the giant’s influence. The default messaging software on all Samsung devices, regardless of price, is still Samsung Messages, which is known as “Messages” but is really named “Samsung Messages.”

While Google Messages is free to download from the Play Store on any Android device—including Samsung phones—Samsung Messages is exclusively accessible on Samsung smartphones.

Unique Features in Google Messages

  • Automatic message sorting in categories
  • Auto-delete for banking- or login-related One Time Pins (OTPs) 24 hours after receiving
  • Google Assistant-powered message attachments

Unique Features in Samsung Messages

  • Recycle bin
  • Chat screen customization

Differences between Google Messages and Samsung Messages

In terms of functionality, both Google Messages and Samsung Messages have numerous commonalities, despite their visually distinct interfaces. The starting screens of both applications display messages divided into conversations.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

A three-dot button on the right side of the search bar opens the overflow menu in Google Messages, which is located at the top of the welcome screen. It is possible to categorise your messages in Google Messages by adding tags to the message body. These tags are located underneath the search bar.

Using Google Messages, you may select to have received OTPs automatically deleted 24 hours later. This will help you keep your message inbox cleaner. When you launch the app, you may also choose the main category.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

However, unlike in Android’s Gmail app, there is no way to tweak these controls to define the action associated with swiping over messages in Google Messages. The “Start Chat” button is located at the bottom right of the page and shrinks in size as you scroll down the screen.

Finally, if you don’t want Google Messages to match your system theme, you may pick between a bright and dark UI theme. Google Messages features a dark grey hue for the dark mode much like every other app from the tech giant.

The first thing you notice when you open Samsung Messages is that the message list doesn’t begin at the top of the screen. For one-handed usability, this follows Samsung’s One UI design philosophy. Only unread messages may be seen by tapping on a View button beneath the counter that shows how many messages you haven’t read.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

Notably, the Google Messages app on Samsung flagships also reciprocates the same design element where the list of conversations begins from half of the display.

Unlike Google Messages’ search bar, there is a search icon on Samsung Messages, and tapping on it opens up a separate page for search results. Meanwhile, a three-dot button beside the search icon opens the overflow menu. Just like Google Messages, a button for composing new messages lies at the bottom of the display

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

You may also organize messages into various categories using Samsung Messages but there is a huge problem. Samsung Messages requires that you manually create message categories and then add conversations to those categories. Google Messages’s automated sorting makes it considerably simpler to maintain your SMS inbox clean and categorized by purpose than Samsung Messages.

Even though Samsung’s phone app has enabled actions by swiping over contact names for over a decade, the swipe-to-archive capability is missing from Samsung Messages.

When it comes to Samsung Messages’ dark mode, you can’t manually switch between the two options; it’s synchronized with the smartphone’s setting. Samsung employs a lighter grey than Google Messages below the discussion list and a layer of black behind the grey region as backdrop colours.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

Lastly, Samsung Message comes with one advantage over Google Messages and that is a Recycle Bin. This Recycle Bin stores the messages deleted by the user in the last 30 days in case they wish to retrieve them.

Composing and replying to messages

Google Messages and Samsung Messages differ greatly in terms of how the applications work and what attachments they support, while having comparable button positions for starting a new message and a similar method for starting a new discussion.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

For example, you may choose one of your most often contacted people as the receiver of a message in Google Messages. Sending an email is as simple as entering the recipient’s name and email address. Using the space at the bottom of the screen, you may begin typing right immediately, or you can touch on the time indicator with a camera in it to take and share a picture. For example, you may send emoticons or GIFs as well as voice messages. Google Messages allows you to transmit files, contacts, and locations, among other things.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

You may also transmit details on the local weather, a restaurant’s menu, and recommendations for new movies playing in your area. Unless you’ve deactivated Google Assistant, these features should operate without issue on any Android device. Quick Replies, enabled by Google Assistant, are another feature of Google Messages. Recommendations based on what the A.I. feels are appropriate may be readily tapped on these.

While composing new messages, Samsung Messages provides many of the same options as Google Messages. It’s not only text you can use in your messages and replies; you can also use photographs from your phone’s gallery or ones taken with the camera.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

Send voice notes or stickers using the dedicated buttons alongside the message box or tap the “+” button to send audios, contacts, calendar events, and location to the other person. You can also send messages with subjects to stress their importance or schedule messages to send them later.

You can also use the “Quick response” menu to keep the small talk going. However, unlike Google Messages, the list of suggested responses only contains a set of common replies that are not customized by an A.I.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

There are no voice-activated alternatives for communicating in Samsung Messages, as one would assume. It also doesn’t employ the company’s virtual assistant, Bixby.

Samsung Messages has a unique feature that Google Messages does not: the option to change the colour of a chat’s backdrop and message bubbles. If you want to modify the ambiance of the conversation, you can either pick a custom colour for the backdrop or use a photo as the background to do so. With a single swipe, the backdrop and custom colours may be applied to all conversations, or just to a specific chat.

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages

Newly received messages may be seen in collapsible bubbles similar to those used by Facebook Messager on Android devices with Android 11 or higher operating system. Direct options to contact someone by phone or Google Duo are available in both messengers.

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