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That Square Enix is still devoted to Hand and Land is a welcome relief. Compared to previous patches, Shadowbringers’ Patch 5.45 devotes a little more emphasis to the crafting and gathering classes than they did before. The Apex of Possibilities is a quest that is absolutely necessary if you want to go further in the Ishgardian Restoration campaign. Starting as soon as possible is recommended if you intend to improve any (or all) of the tools that you presently have available to you. We hope that our FFXIV: The Ultimate Possibility guide will be of use to you in your quest to improve your crafting and collection skills!

FFXIV The Ultimate Possibility

To get to this stage, you’ll need to finish Oddness in the End first, of course. To get here, you’ll have to complete a number of missions, all of which are part of the same questline. Simply follow the gang of Ishgardian Restoration NPCs as they acquire more and more objectives for you to do on your own time. As soon as you have completed Oddness at the End, you may begin farming this item.

In order to have your tools updated, you will need to purchase the Skysung edition of the software. The Skysung variants of the quest may be obtained via the game The Tools of Tomorrow. You may farm this quest in order to get the tools you seek, but you will need to have those tools in your inventory in order to complete The Pinnacle of Possibility quest.

Once you have your tool, you’ll also need certain unusually difficult pieces that are specific to the tool you’re upgrading from. Botanists will need 25 very delicate axe components in order to do their work. If you want to be a miner, you’ll need 25 pickaxe bits that are very sensitive. For those who like fishing, there are 200 pieces to a fishing reel that are unusually difficult to find.

In the Skysteel Workshop, you may find the curiously delicate basic elements for the key that you need. To get them, you’ll need to collect or make things that are level 80 or above. Each bizarrely difficult component necessitates the use of a separate object.

  • Still: Oddly Delicate Holy Water
  • Cross sentence: Oddly Delicate Silver Gear
  • Fishing rod: flint strike
  • Fishing reel: Pickled Pom
  • Frying pan: Oddly Delicate Shark Oil
  • Hatchet: Strangely delicate feather
  • Inconceivable hatchet: Oddly Delicate Birch Log
  • Lapidary Hammer: Oddly delicate Celestine
  • Needle: Oddly Delicate Rhea Cloth
  • Pickaxe: Oddly Delicate Adamantite Ore
  • Inconceivable Pickaxe: Oddly Delicate Raw Jade
  • Lifting hammer: Oddly Tricky Wolfram Square
  • Round knife: Oddly Delicate Gazelle Leather
  • Saw: Strangely delicate pine wood

Once you have enough of these resources to trade in the Spanner, you may trade with Emeny in order to get the Skybuilders’ equipment. These are really effective and quite valuable tools! Get them as soon as possible!

You may perform this quest as many times as you desire for as many different tools. The Greater Heights quest is unlocked after completing it once. As a result, you must finish this quest once in order to get access to the remainder of the Ishgardian repair missions.


How do I get a second Skysteel tool?

Simply travel to the Skysteel Manufactory aetheryte and engage in conversation with the various non-player characters there. You will receive a Skysteel Prototype Coffer, which when opened will provide you a tool based on the class you are currently using at the time the coffer is opened. Denys, who works inside the Skysteel Manufactory, sells further Skysteel prototypes for 80,000 Gil each. These can be purchased from him.

How do you upgrade Skysteel hatchet?

Simply open the coffer on your desired class, and an item that can be used will be added to your inventory straight away. If you have just reached level 80, this is a good way to get started with high-level crafting as you are able to purchase one for each and every class you have at the level 80 store for a charge. However, it will take some time before they can be upgraded.

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