Deno Firm types to again Node.js rival

A business operation built around the JavaScript/TypeScript runtime and a direct competitor to Node.js has been formed by the Deno Firm, founded by the Deno project’s authors.

Deno creators Ryan Dahl and Bert Belder, both of whom were involved in the development of Node.js, announced the formation of the company on March 29. They stated they had raised $4.9 million in seed capital, which would be sufficient to pay for a team of full-time engineers dedicated to improving Deno.

The Deno Company will explore the development of customised runtimes for a variety of applications, including Electron-style graphical user interfaces, Cloudflare Employee-style serverless capabilities, embedded scripting for databases, and other features. According to Dahl and Belder, server-side JavaScript has reached a point of stagnation, and Deno is an attempt to breathe fresh life into it.

Dahl and Belder said that, although they want to use Demo for commercial reasons, Deno would continue to be distributed under the MIT licence. They also stated that, in order for Deno to be as useful as possible, it must remain permissively open source. “Our company will build on the open source project rather than attempting to commercialise it immediately,” the Deno creators said.

Dahl and Belder speculate that web-first abstraction layers are preferred by a large number of builders. According to their announcement, calls from JavaScript and TypeScript into WebAssembly code will likely become more common in the future. The company wants to provide hundreds of thousands of web programmers the opportunity to use their skills in a variety of different fields. Individuals inside the company may stay up to speed on the latest developments through Twitter.

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