Dead Estate Secret Room Locations Loots Guide

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Dead Estate is a bloodthirsty, fast-paced top-down shooter/rogue-like with a strong Halloween theme that takes place in a haunted mansion. Accompany eight different characters as they ascend the levels of a monster-infested house, accumulating a wealth of equipment and weaponry, conquering challenging challenges, and learning several mysteries and unlockables along the way.

Dead Estate Secret Room Locations Loots Guide

This Dead Estate Secret Room Locations Loots Guide is a comprehensive list of all of the information we’ve acquired over the years.

The clumsy method

  • This is the clumsy method of locating hidden chambers. This should not be done.
  • This is not the way I propose doing things.Because your minimap populates the nearby rooms on your map as you explore.
  • Notifying you if you are entering a business or an ordinary room.The map does not indicate if a room contains adversaries or is vacant.
  • The map isn’t the only technique to locate hidden rooms.

The quality of the apartments varies, and you may only earn a modest sum of money as a result. Having a room full with gold pots and a valuable item, on the other hand, may completely shift the game.

Buy Map

Cordelia sells a map for $200 at her typical item stores, which is a lot for her. The map on your minimap shows the whole floor layout, which is helpful. Shops, challenge rooms, key rooms, boss rooms, return rooms, and, of course, hidden rooms are all a component of the game’s overall structure and design. This will result in the hidden chamber appearing on the map as a gigantic (?) question mark. To get to the other side, all you have to do is walk through the centre of the wall.

Bigbrain Way

  • Rooms to rent. There are a few telltale signals that help you locate secret rooms.Keep in mind that each floor has just one secret room.
  • Paths that have been highlighted.
  • The entrance to a secret room will be dimly highlighted and fade until it is virtually invisible if you look fast when entering a room. Even if you don’t notice it, it’s still there.

Wall Walking

  • While this is a quicker and less time-consuming method, it is not always possible to locate the rooms.This is the fallback option.
  • You simply slide along the walls as you walk against them.Your character will disappear into the wall if you locate a secret room.
  • Identifying which rooms may include hidden rooms

It is possible to identify a variety of traits that make it simpler to detect hidden chambers. They don’t appear in the same room as you when you first enter. They are, nevertheless, capable of spawning diagonally. Secret rooms may only spawn in connected rooms; they cannot spawn in stores or other specifically defined spaces.


  • On each floor, there is only one.
  • There isn’t one on the Balcony or Dead Estate floors.
  • Chunk has the ability to spawn and follow you inside a room.
  • All things obtained through the gift that are weapons, such as chests, will be replaced by the Gun Nut item.
  • Purchasing maps solely to locate Secret chambers is a bad idea, as some gift boxes include items worth less than $100. (Maps are $200 each.)
  • The number of gifts/pots and the loot within are determined at random. It does not appear to be affected by difficulty.

The Dead Estate Secret Room Locations and Loots Guide comes to an end with this section.

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