Ddr4 2400 Vs 3200: Which is Best?

Computers and laptops often employ DDR4 2400 and 3200 memory, which is a form of random access memory (RAM). When compared to other types of RAM, such as DDR3 memory, DDR4 RAM offers a greater storage capacity in general. In addition, DDR4 has much faster clock rates and significantly lower latency. Other commonalities between the two memories include the fact that both memories are installed using the same way, among other things.

DDR4 2400 VS DDR4 3200 Differences


The storage capacity of DDR4 2400 RAM is larger than that of DDR4 3200 RAM. DDR4 2400 has a total storage capacity of 16 GB RAM, while DDR4 3200 has a total storage capacity of 8 GB RAM. When selecting DDR4 memory, keep in mind that there are additional aspects to consider than memory storage. It is possible to purchase RAM that has a bigger storage capacity but inferior performance. Consequently, don’t be distracted by the size of your RAM’s memory capacity, but rather by the efficiency and usefulness of your RAM.

Ddr4 2400 Vs 3200


DDR4 2400 memory operates at a slower rate than DDR4 3200 memory. The delay speed decreases according to the size of the memory capacity. As a result, consider purchasing a memory that is fast rather than a memory that requires a lengthy period of time for data to flow while it is being used. Despite the higher storage capacity, consider purchasing DDR4 2400 rather than DDR4 3200.


When compared to DDR4 3200, DDR4 2400 has much lower latency. DDR4 2400 memory takes a long time to load an item that has been searched for; as a result, the RAM has bad latency, in contrast to DDR4 3200 memory, which has high latency. Because of the low latency and higher speed of DDR4 3200 RAM, it is widely utilised by game developers and is employed by many manufacturers. DDR4 2400 RAM, on the other hand, is used in less expensive structures.


DDR4 2400 is much cheaper than 3200. If you want your budget to accommodate RAMs, go for the DDR4 2400 RAM. Many people can easily access DDR4 2400 RAM without financial instabilities.


Overclocking DDR4 2400 RAM is common practise. To make advantage of the RAM enhanced clock speed, you must first locate the DOCP profile’s location. After discovering the RAM’s DOCP profile, you will be able to access the RAM’s enhanced clock speed by activating the profile. DDR4 3200, on the other hand, is not overclocked in the same way as DDR4 2400 is.

How To Install Both DDR4 2400 And 3200

1. Locate The Power Cable And Unplug The Cable

To begin, unplug your computer from the wall outlet by pulling the power wire from the socket. Also, be certain that all cords are disconnected from any sockets that may be used to switch on your computer. To prevent electric shock, remove them gently and carefully to avoid damaging your equipment.

2. Access Internal Computer Components By Removing The Panel

Remove the left-hand side of the computer’s panel. Once the panel has been removed, you will be able to see the computer’s internal components and the position of the RAM slots. Using your mouse, locate the RAM slots and push the taps that are keeping the RAM sticks in place to remove the RAM sticks from their respective RAM slots. You prevent destroying RAM sticks as well as RAM slots, be sure to remove them before proceeding.

3. Reinstall New RAM Sticks

Purchase new RAM modules and carefully align the notches on the memory modules with the spaces on the motherboard. Push softly but firmly until the memory sticks grab the motherboard, resulting in a “click” sound from the memory sticks. Make careful to replace the outer tapes that hold the RAM sticks in place so that they do not fall out of the RAM slots on the motherboard.

Check that the RAM sticks are properly inserted until you hear a “click” sound. If the click sound is not created, remove the memory sticks and reinstall them appropriately to prevent harming the motherboard. Finally, make certain that the RAM sticks are installed in the incorrect direction.

4. Close The Computer

After you have successfully inserted the RAM sticks (DDR4 2400 and 3200), you need reinstall the computer panel on your machine. Connect your computer to the power source using a power cord and then switch on your computer to begin using it. Enter the computer settings and do a factory reset on your machine. After your computer has been turned on, check the amount of RAM it has.


The differences between DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 are mostly in terms of performance, latency, cost, and storage capacity. When employing any of these memories, make certain that you choose one that corresponds to your goal. If you have any difficulties after installing your new memory, you may follow the procedures outlined above to resolve the problem.

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