Collei in Genshin Impact

Although Collei appears in the official Genshin Impact manga, we don’t know anything about her or whether or not she will ever be playable.

With the beta version of update 2.5 now available, Collie, the last character in Genshin Impact, is gaining a lot of attention from travellers. Even though she has featured in the official Genshin Impact manga, this green-haired girl has not yet made an appearance in the video game.

However, the 2.5 leaks have revealed an entry concerning one of Collei’s ability devices, causing numerous gamers to think that it may become playable in the future as a result of the leak.

The island of Enaknomiya, as well as Shenhe and Yun Jin, were eventually included in the game with the Genshin Impact 2.4 update. However, it is the news surrounding Collei that arouses tourists’ anticipation for what lies next.

Who is Collei in Genshin Impact?

Collei in Genshin Impact

Collie is a key character in the official manga adaptation of the Genshin Impact video game. Collei, in contrast to the other characters in the game, was not born with particular talents. In truth, the green-haired girl was born with a congenital illness.

Collei’s parents gave her up to Barnabas, a scientist from the planet Fatui, in order to spare her life from impending death. Despite his assurances that he would rescue the girl, Barnabas forced Collei to serve as a test subject for Fatui’s horrific experiments. Barnabas and the Fatui used this location to put their Archon-related writings to the test.

Over time, Collie managed to escape Fatui’s grasp and is now roaming aimlessly about Teyvat, presumably in search of food. Despite the fact that he was not born with a Vision of his own, the Fatui experiments endowed him with exceptional skills that enable him to summon strong magical abilities.

Will Collei be playable on Genshin Impact?

Collei is not currently playable in Genshin Impact, as of the time of this writing. This does not rule out the possibility of miHoYo including this character in a future release. Indeed, many characters have featured in the Genshin Impact manga, and it is probable that some of them will appear in the final version of the manga.

Collei is assisted by Cyno from the Sumeru Academy, who featured in the preview of the Teyvat Chapter and is a familiar face to the reader. The well-known Genshin Impact filter, for example.

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