Borderlands 2 Siren Build

The Borderlands 2 Siren Build is ideal if you want to play in either the standard or vault hunter modes of the game. With solitary play, it has the potential to be a co-op game. The construction is basic, and it may be used in either circumstance. Aside from that, it has a significant elemental damage potential. Cataclysm and Harmony are the two primary skill trees available to players who seek to go to the level 50 cap. The game Motion is also available to players who have attained the level of 72.

Maya is a fantastic character for individuals who are new to the game or who want to play solitary games. Because to her capacity to rule the battlefield with Phaselock and crowd control, she has earned this position of honour. You will be able to deal better with the tight and brutal scenarios that you will encounter thanks to the DPS and Survivability increase given by this configuration.

Borderlands 2 Siren Build

Maya, the protagonist of Borderlands 2, is one of the most entertaining characters to play. Maya is originally from a convent on her homeworld, but she has fled to another planet. Despite her inexperience, Maya feels confident in her talents. Despite this, she is still adjusting to her newfound independence.

Maya’s Phaselock talent, among other things, enables her to do massive amounts of damage as the player progresses through the game with her. Having a strong skill set will allow you to make the most of Maya’s abilities to the greatest extent possible.

Build 1: Pure Damage

Borderlands 2 Siren Build

The primary emphasis of this build is on using Phaselock offensively and inflicting weapon damage. Most health-increasing talents are avoided in order to maximise the damage done by elemental, gun, and phaselock weapons. The build may be one of the most potent DPS builds available in the game. It is equivalent to the Gunzerker in terms of power.

Tier 1

Ward MAX: Shield Capacity +25%, Shield Recharge Delay -40%
Accelerate MAX: Gun Damage +15%, Bullet Speed +20%
Sweet Release 1/5: 1 Life orb is created after killing a Phaselocked enemy that restores you or your friends HP by up to 15%
Foresight MAX: Magazine Size +20%, Reload Speed +25%

Tier 2

Suspension MAX: Phaselock duration +2.5 seconds

Tier 3

Converge 1/1: Phaselock pulls the Phaselocked enemy toward itself
Chain Reaction MAX: Every shot has a 40% chance of ricocheting and hitting another enemy when an enemy is phaselocked
Cloud Kill 1/1: Shooting an enemy produces an Acid Cloud that deals corrosive damage

Tier 4

Quicken MAX: Phaselock cool-down rate +30%
Reaper 2/5: +16% Gun Damage to enemies with more than half health

Tier 5

Sub-Sequence MAX: When a Phaselocked enemy dies, the Phaselock has a 100% chance of seeking out another

Cataclysm Tree


+30% Elemental Effect Chance.


When you engage in phaselock, foes in your immediate vicinity explode, causing them all to be damaged.

Cloud Kill

When an adversary is shot, an Acid Cloud is created, which gives continual Corrosive Damage to all foes that come into contact with it.


Your melee attacks will be dealt with by Fire Damage. Additionally, if your shields are depleted, you will unleash a raging inferno that will do significant damage to adjacent opponents.


It is possible to deliver an additional 40% more Gun Damage to an adversary if he has less than 50% health remaining after being shot.

Blight Phoenix

Following the death of an opponent, the foes in the immediate vicinity are subjected to continual Fire and Corrosive Damage.


Amplifying the ability to do an action. Phaselock will slag-stain, corrode, and electrocute any opponents who come into contact with him.

The sole remaining talent that is only somewhat valuable is foresight, which is the only one of the three remaining abilities. It is preferable, though, to conserve those points since you may profit from them in the form of equipment and the Badass rating. As you can see, there will be a significant amount of AOE and elemental damage. As you are injured, the pain will become more intense. Because of your advantages, it is critical that you take advantage of opponent groupings.

The talents listed above, as well as this tree, serve as the foundation for your construct. However, you should think again before investing the 27 points in Cataclysm. You should split your first talent points between Mind’s Eye and Wreck on the Harmony tree, depending on your preferences. Because, early on, the killing power given by each of them is far larger than the alternatives, and you need all of the murdering power you can get your hands on.

Harmony Tree

Mind’s Eye

+25% Critical Hit Damage and +30% Melee Damage.


When your adversary has his or her sights set on you, you may shoot 50 percent quicker and deliver 30 percent more damage with firearms.


In the meanwhile, phaselocked foes regain +5 percent health every second, while you and your buddies regenerate at the same rate.


Increase your Health by 2% per second. Regeneration is more powerful when your health is low.

Life Tap

Killing an opponent grants you +6 percent Life Steal for a brief period of time after the battle.

In case you didn’t notice, the first two talents you learn are Mind’s Eye and Wreck, respectively. Your damage potential is increased immediately and over time as a result of these effects. The last three abilities are strictly for survival purposes. Sweet Release may be substituted with Elated in certain cases. It is entirely up to your own choice. If you wish to play with a group of people, co-op is also an option. By putting 1 point into Res, you will be able to increase your usefulness even further.

Final Words

The Borderlands 2 Siren Build that you now have is quite powerful. Irrespective of your experience level. Maya (Siren) is a fantastic character to learn the game from when you first start out. Her Phaselock ability has the capacity to do massive damage across a large area, rendering even the most powerful adversaries helpless. This provides you an edge whether you’re playing alone for the first time or taking on the more tough settings. Using Phaselock on a consistent and strategic basis will help to increase your overall power.

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