Asus Brings PC Gaming Excess To Android With New ROG Phone

Asus, best known for its PC and gaming enthusiast gear, has introduced the latest in its Republic of Gamers smartphone series, which is targeted at Android players in areas such as China and the United States. According to a report: This year’s ROG Telephone 5 continues the company’s tradition of high-end specifications and design: its surface is decorated with geometric patterns, while its inside is loaded with up to 18GB of memory and Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 888 CPU. The device boasts an OLED display with a unique 6.8-inch Samsung panel, two battery cells, and is cooled by means of a vapour chamber system — and its higher-tier models come with an attachable fan cooler for even greater efficiency. When it comes to the commodified Android machine market, Asus is banking on its model affinity with gaming and the widespread need for a customised customer experience to differentiate itself. The ROG Telephone 5 comes with an app that provides a console-like interface, and Asus is working with game developers to provide help for the highest refresh rates that the display is capable of. According to Neil Mawston of Technique Analytics, the company will need assistance in order to break over its current 0.2 percent global market share position.

Asus has found success in its partnership with Chinese language internet behemoth Tencent Holdings. The two firms have worked together on the promotion of ROG Telephones and the certification of video games in China for many generations, and the country is one of Asus’ key priority markets, according to the Taiwanese manufacturer. For example, in contrast to the PC business, where more clock speeds and more memory might translate into the capacity to play at higher consistency or on larger displays, practically every company in the mobile industry is reliant on the same underlying architecture. Furthermore, the dominant pair of Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics has consistently emphasised the gaming capabilities of their respective devices, prompting manufacturers like as Asus to pay greater attention to serious gaming enthusiasts.

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