All Poketwo Discord Bot Commands

Discord is a place for people to gather and do the things they like doing together. A rise in unique groups on a variety of themes, such as gaming, film, and business, has been a consequence. Discord has made it easy to develop and add Bots in order to help and support these communities. A good example of this kind of bot is the Poketwo Discord Bot. This Bot allows you to begin your Pokemon journey on a Discord server. I’ll show you how to use all of the Poketwo Discord Bot commands in this tutorial.

List of All Poketwo Discord Bot Commands

All Poketwo Discord Bot Commands

Here is a list of Poketwo Discord commands you can use on your Servers.

  • p!start – Starts your Pokemon Adventure.
  • p!pick Pick your starting Pokemon.
  • p!help – Displays a list of Poketwo Commands.

Pokemon related Commands

  • p!catch or p!c – Catches a Wild Pokemon when one spawns.
  • p!hint or p!h – Gives a hint about the Wild Pokemon.
  • p!pokemon – Displays the Pokemon with their Pokemon Number
  • p!shinyhunt – Targets the Pokemon for a Shiny one. For every time you catch this pokemon, your odds of getting a shiny one will gradually increase.
  • p!evolve – Evolves your pokemon if they meet the requirements.
  • p!nickname – Set a Nickname for your Current Pokemon.
  • p!order – Sorts your pokemon list in the manner selected. Note, Number sorts out the Pokemon in order caught chronologically, not by Pokedex Number.
  • p!select – Sets your active pokemon to the input number.
  • p!pokedex – Displays all caught and uncaught Pokemon for that player.
  • p!release – Releases that Pokemon.
  • p!releaseall – Release all of your Pokemon.
  • p!unmega – Reverts a Mega Evolution. Primals are considered as Megas.
  • p! info – Get info on all of your Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Battles with other users
  • p!battle <@User> or p!duel <@User> – Battle the user that you @’d.
  • p!battle add – Add up to 3 Pokemon for the Battle.
  • p! battle cancel – Cancels the current battle.
  • p!learn – Lets your Pokemon learn a move from the available ones.
  • p!moveinfo – Displays information about a certain move.
  • p!moves – Displays current moveset and available moves for your active Pokemon.
  • p!moveset – Displays all moves for your Pokémon and how to get them.


  • p!auction – Change the auctions channel.
  • p!daily or p!vote – Receives a Mystery Box if the player votes Poketwo Discord Bot on
  • p!embedcolor – Changes embed colors of your current pokemon if it has embed colors.
  • p!event – Checks for any current event information.
  • p!next or p!n & p!back or p!b – Scrolls to next & previous page while viewing a multiple page item.
  • p!open [amt] – Opens the boxes with the specified rarity & amount(amt).
  • p!prefix – Changes the default command prefix to the user given value.
  • p!profile – Display player profiles.
  • p!seversilence – Disables level up messages on the server. The bot will DM you for the same.
  • p!time – Tells the time of day.

All of the commands for the Poketwo Discord Bot were included inside this list. This list is not yet comprehensive since new Commands are unlocked as you go through the game. In the near future, I will be updating the list with the most recent information. Hopefully, this tutorial has been of use. You may also look at our other tutorials, such as Discord Chip Bot Commands and Their Applications.


How do you evolve riolu in Discord?

Maisa. If you want your Riolu to evolve, it needs to have maximum happiness (which I can see you’ve already accomplished), and it also needs to level up throughout the daytime, which is from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. This ought to give you the evolution prompt for your Riolu, so that you can evolve it.

What is the goat Pokemon?

A quadrupedal Pokémon with hooves, Gogoat resembles a goat in appearance. The fur on its face is white, and the fur on its chin is fluffier than the fur anywhere else on its face. The fur on the back of its head is dark brown.

How many commands can a Discord bot have?

Free users may develop up to three custom commands on the MEE6 bot. When testing new commands, be sure to test them in the channels of the server they were added to.

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