7 Billion Zombies is available

7 Billion Zombies is now available for purchase! Seven billion zombies: Idle RPG, a new idle role-playing game developed by SUPER CANDY, has been officially released by the mobile developer and publisher.

The game is accessible in over 100 countries, with a plethora of launch events taking place for Android users via the Google Play Store. The game is presently only accessible on Google Play, and no other platforms are currently supported. Customers using iPhones will have to wait a bit longer for the update.

7 Billion Zombies is available

Relax both your hands and your thoughts at the same time! Take part in conflicts that are both hip and elegant!
Every day, you will be exposed to fresh PvP tactics and methods.
Prepare to use every effort to take your squad to the greatest level possible in the globe!

There is no end to the growth and competitiveness.
Develop your squad to be the finest in the world and prepare to compete on the largest stage on the planet!

World Boss is a virtual world that grows in size as the number of participants increases.
To earn the big reward, you must defeat the endlessly expanding Globe Boss, which includes users from all around the world.

7 Billion Zombies is available

7 Billion Zombies Game info

Sprite Fantasia Features

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG is the title of the game.

Super Candy is the publisher.

File Size – Android: 103 MB Genre – Role

Playing Game
n/a for iOS

Play Store for Android
App Store for iOS.
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